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The Fine Print

Thank you for logging into the Atlas Online Toolkit. We want to remind you of two important restrictions on your use of the Toolkit.

First, you have access to the Toolkit pursuant to a contractual arrangement. Unless specially authorized in your contract, you are not permitted to share your login or information you acquire from the Toolkit with anyone outside of your organization. In some cases, your organization may have a set number of logins, so limitations may apply even to sharing logins internally. Please seek specific guidance from your lawyer on the confidentiality of your login and Atlas information.

Second, the Atlas Online Toolkit does not invite, accept or contain any current nonpublic information about the plans, needs, activities or strategies of any candidate or political party committee. Any candidate or party activity related to the 2014 cycle is public information. Should you choose to upload reports on your organization’s activities, you must certify that the information does not contain any nonpublic information regarding candidates or political party committees.

Please contact Atlas with any questions you may have at